X-Ray Diffraction

X-Ray Diffraction Single or Double Piezogoniometer represents the latest development in quartz measuring technology for the sorting of cultured quartz wafers before and after lapping in addition to the setting of quartz bars. Alvord Systems has incorporated state of the art microprocessor technology, coupled with proprietary software algorithms, and an LCD display working together simultaneously with a peak angle detector to retain the exact angle at which the peak reflection off the crystal is read. These features along with angular encoder equipped goniometers allow for greater accuracy of measurements by reducing the variations from operator interpretation, while increasing repeatability, reliability and throughput.
  • Model 45

    Simplistic operations Low Energy X-ray Custom Fixtures Precision measurements +/- 5 Arc Sec Automated Peak detection or Manual Applications (Production Floor measurements/ QA inspections)
  • XF-2B

    The Model XF-2 Portable Vertical X-ray Diffraction System is a single operator, high performance orientation system for boules, cores, and ingots, designed to provide years of accurate and reliable service in today’s high-tech production environment.
  • XFL System

    Alvord Systems XFL X-Ray System Provides the Technology that Satisfy Requirements for XL Crystal Boule X-Ray Orientation