The Alvord Systems X-ray Diffraction Systems represents the latest measuring technology for orienting crystals grown in various planes.  These X-ray systems provide the crystal industry with numerous options between boule orientations in vertical coring machines through final QA Inspection Stations achieving the precision measurements required for aligning, crystals within an arc minute.  


Each system we Design & Assemble is unique because it is built to meet the very changing demands of the Crystal industry and our customers’ specifications. Alvord Systems is dedicated to providing our customers the tools for modern advancements in technological growth.

  • X-Ray Diffraction

    X-Ray Diffraction Single or Double Piezogoniometer represents the latest development in quartz measuring technology for the sorting of cultured quartz wafers before and after lapping in addition to the setting of quartz bars. 

  • Digital Angle Transfer Set

    he Digital Angle Transfer Set or "DATS" is a high accuracy X, Y table coupled with a Heidenhain angle readout. This setting device is used as the final stage prior to wafering on a wire saw. It allows the operator to mount multiple cores, bars, ingots and boules with individual angle compensation. This system can be used with a wide variety of materials such as sapphire, quartz, silicon, etc.
  • X-Ray Detectors

    The simplicity of operation makes this unit easily adaptable to existing Alvord Systems x-ray piezogoniometers or to other commercially manufactured units in the quartz crystal industry.
  • Compound Sine Table

    The Compound Sine Table in conjunction with the XF-2 Vertical Xray Orient System represents the latest measuring technology for coring of single crystals such as Sapphire.