Model 45

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The Model M45 is a single operator precision X-ray diffraction system for cores, slabs, and ingots, designed to provide years of accurate and reliable service in today’s hightech production environment.

A crystal sample is mounted on the goniometer and rotated about an axis while being irradiated or illuminated by a monochromatic X-ray beam generated by an additional crystal called the reference or collimating crystal used to provide a highly directional beam, with a high level of resolution, accuracy and repeatability achieved.

Computer control provides full control over angular position and rotation of the goniometer as well as realtime feedback from the detection circuitry. By utilizing the computer and specialized software, multiple and simultaneously measurements of the goniometer position and detector output can be obtained. Serial data output via USB. Employing this type of computer diffraction system allows for resolution accuracy of ±5 arc seconds.